Who we are

We are Synapsewerx, where innovation meets expertise; a dynamic systems integration professional services team deeply passionate about the future of intelligent change.

A collective of dedicated, likeminded individuals working together to navigate the intricacies of AI, data optimisation and seamless integration with a commitment to excellence.

By partnering with businesses, together we empower the unique journey towards strategic intelligence and sustainable growth in the new intelligent era.


Malcolm Ingram

Malcolm Ingram

Chief Executive Officer

The visionary behind Synapsewerx, with a passion for innovation, Malc brings a unique blend of strategic insight and delivery experience from project conception to business outcome.

Carlos Iturria

Carlos Iturria

Chief Technology Officer

With an exceptional depth of technical expertise and visionary approach to innovation, Carlos plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of our AI, data and integration solutions.

Why we do it

We are passionate people. Our teams are more than just certified industry professionals; we embrace all aspects of our chosen field of technology - and a big change is coming.

Arguably, it's happening already with the advancements in AI and data affecting humanity on a global scale, and it will snowball exponentially into a intelligence industrial revolution.

The prospect of a future built around AI, data and integration excites us - not so much the individual services but the endless potential of how the symbiotic trio can integrate to enhance our daily (personal and working) lives.

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Richard Neeson

Commercial Director ANZ

Drawing from extensive experience in the digital transformation space, Richard leads our sales efforts to establish partnerships and cultivate strategic client relationships.



Marketing Manager

Josh leads strategic marketing efforts to highlight our expertise in AI, data, and integration positioning Synapsewerx as a trusted partner for intelligent transformation in the region.

Core values

Synapsewerx's values serve as the guiding principles that shape our culture, define our interactions and drive our success. They reflect our commitment to creating a positive impact on our team, clients and the broader community (and beyond, on a global scale) as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology solutions.

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    Meaningful communication.

  • Forward, together.

    Forward, together.

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    Do the right thing.

We believe in fostering meaningful communication that's open, honest and transparent. This goes beyond conveying information; it involves actively listening, understanding, and engaging in genuine dialogue with our team members, clients, and partners. Effective communication is the cornerstone of collaboration, innovation and building strong relationships. By embracing meaningful communication into our daily lives (both work and personal) we aim to ensure that every interaction adds value, clarity and purpose to our collective efforts.

"Forward, together." embodies our spirit of collaboration and shared progress. True success is a collective achievement, and we actively encourage a culture of collaborative teamwork. By moving forward together, we leverage the diverse strengths within our team to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and achieve our common goals. The importance of a shared vision is unrivalled as we navigate the dynamic landscape of intelligent change solutions. By moving forward together as a collective of likeminded individuals, we are stronger, more innovative and better equipped to drive positive change. 

Do the right thing = be a good human. It's not just words; it's a moral compass that influences every decision we make and every action we take. By prioritising honesty, fairness and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business and daily lives, from client interactions to internal operations, we ensure we operate with integrity. Through this, we build trust, foster a positive workplace culture, and contribute to the long-term success of Synapsewerx and our clients. 


Our commitment 

With Synapsewerx as your systems integration partner of choice, you have an ally in your intelligent transformation journey. Whether you are just taking the first steps towards your vision or perhaps have a more developed integration ecosystem, we work to understand your challenges and aspirations to drive tangible and lasting value for your business.

Orchestrate seamless connections, harmonise disparate systems and engineer tailored solutions that empower your organisation to thrive in the ever changing intelligent landscape. Our expert teams will work with you to deliver not just technical expertise, but collaborate with you to ensure your systems work in unison to drive efficiency, innovation and sustained success. 

With a focus on meaningful communication, collaborative problem-solving, and unwavering integrity, reap the benefits of a streamlined technical landscape created with your business growth and evolution at front of mind.

In a nutshell:

Who are we?

We are Synapsewerx; a dynamic professional services consultancy passionate about guiding businesses along their unique journey to intelligent maturity. Our dedicated team of experts are committed to engineering tailored enterprise level AI, data and integration solutions.

What do we do?

Synapsewerx offers a range of consulting services and managed services related to AI, Data and Integration across enterprise application landscapes. From leveraging the latest AI tech to automate enterprise workflow, enhance decision making and unlocking new possibilities, to harnessing the full potential of your data with cutting edge solutions; all streamlined into your business operations with our integration services.

How do we do it?

Our people are at the heart of what we do. On each project, our teams embody our core values of clear communications and transparrency; we listen to your current and future business requirements and work with you to tailor a bespoke solution based on industry best practices.

What's our vision?

AI/ML and data is affecting daily life on a global stage already. A change is on the horizon that will transform humanity on a scale similar to the industrial revolution, the intelligent industrial revolution if you like. By putting in the ground work to establish a solid foundation for the future of your intelligent landscape as soon as possible, the sooner your business can benefit from these new technologies, giving your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What is intelligent transformation?

At a high level, it is about embracing intelligent change; the direction your business is heading over the next three to five years to ensure survival in the ever changing technology landscape. At Synapsewerx, we believe the intelligent automation of enterprise workflows, embedded intelligent agents and intelligent decision making will be core to every business. Every company today should be architecting their core data hub and data integrations to enable their future AI strategy.

What does intelligent transformation mean for enterprise level organistations?

The investment in digital transformation made by enterprise-level organisations over the last 10 years has provided the foundation for the next wave of technology evolution. We believe that artificial intelligence is going to drive a new golden age for society. Intelligent Transformation is about preparing and enabling an organisation for this change. Adopting a data-led approach to systems architecture, integration solution design and data quality is crucial to building scalable, effective and accurate AI/ML models in every business of the future.

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