Streamline your migration with Boomi for SAP

A strategic way to navigate the complex journey from SAP ECC to S/4HANA migrations.


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At Synapsewerx, we provide a gateway to help organisations navigate the complex journey from SAP ECC to S/4HANA migrations.

With the power of Boomi for SAP at our fingertips, we specialise in turning what is often a daunting migration into a streamlined, cost-effective, and time-efficient process.



The Boomi for SAP Connector is available through a user friendly,  browser-based interface, which provides an easy way to see the current services that Boomi exposes via the aXis for SAP Connector. You can get a detailed view of these services, delete them, or create new ones.



Boomi for SAP is the world's first SAP-certified integration solution that allows your data to be exposed from SAP via a browser-based interface and easily imported into the leading low code no code integration platforms. This will lower your ABAP Development costs dramatically. 



To decrease development time and costs even more, you can make use of Data Wizards. These wizards assist business users in identifying the tables that need to be exposed to Boomi. This will significantly reduce the time and costs involved in exposing standard SAP data.

Winning combination

Our expertise allows us to not only expose, manage, and enhance SAP data but to also weave it seamlessly into the fabric of your strategic business operations beyond the confines of traditional ERP systems. This is not just about moving data, it is about unlocking its true potential and extending its value across your entire business ecosystem, all without the need for extensive custom coding.

Our commitment to your success does not stop post-migration, with Boomi aXis, we provide a unified platform that effortlessly bridges SAP to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your business application landscape across all aspects of data, whether it is batch, transactional or streaming.

Embrace the dual benefits of streamlined migration and simplified integration with Synapsewerx - let us help you pivot from navigating technical challenges to focusing on innovation and growth in the modern IT landscape.

% project cost savings
% increase in delivery time, from weeks to days.
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Harness the value of your existing SAP infrastructure and resources

  • Boomi for SAP simplifies the connection between Boomi and SAP by providing a direct link to SAP. This means that there is no need to use additional components to establish the connection. 
  • The Boomi for SAP Connector is fully certified and built on SAP Standard technology and framework, which allows you to make use of your current investments in the SAP stack through Boomi. 
  • By utilising the transport management system, Boomi for SAP Connector can keep up with current SAP Releases and use the existing setup in SAP authentication and security.

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